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Equine Dentist

Horse Dentist

Equine Dental Technician

Equine Dentist Cornwall

Equine Dentist Devon

Horse Dentist Cornwall

Horse Dentist Devon

Equine Dental Technician Cornwall

Equine Dental Technician Devon

Emilia Barry Equine Dentist

Emilia Barry Equine Dental Technician

Emilia Barry Horse Dentist

Amelia Barry Horse Dentist

Amelia Barry Equine Dentist

Amelia Barry Equine Dental Technician

Amelia Barry Horse dentist cornwall

Amelia Barry Equine Dentist Devon

Emilia Barry Horse dentist Cornwall

Emilia Barry Horse Dentist Devon

Price List 2022

Routine dental £60

Routine dental with group discount (3 horses or more at same yard) £54

Sedate pony for dental £20

Sedate horse for dental £30

Dental x-rays £150

Filling (everything included) £300

Each additional filling £150

Incisor extraction (everything included) £200

Canine extraction (everything included) £250

Molar extractions vary in price depending on age and the state of the tooth. These range from £200-£1000.

Simple extractions on geriatric horses may be much less depending how long they take to extract and after care needed.

Diastema and sinusitis care costs vary depending on the case.

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